It takes time to choose an office furniture. To find the type of log cabin that is best for you to ask yourself the following:

  1. How often will you use your office? This will affect the quality of construction you need. Log cabins or chalets economic may be fine for occasional use. For all year round use is strongly recommended lodges and chalets with thermal insulation of the roof and floor
  2. Will you need space for computer equipment or just a phone and a tablet? What you use in the garden office will influenzeare to the size and shape you need.
  3. You want space?
  4. I have to share an office with someone else?
  5. How big is your garden?


All these questions affect the size and quality of the interior required. In general there are three categories of office furniture:

  1. Standard Blockhouse – An office furniture made ​​of wooden houses with system block house and generally of high design and aesthetic content (such as log cabins design at this link design ) and by the size specification
  2. Modular Blockhouse – A garden office in block house but made-to-measure for the customer both for aesthetics and for the measures. For example provided with additional windows, walls and interior doors dividers, etc. aesthetic (eg the wooden houses of design present here )
  3. Modular XLAM – Garden houses to office made XLAM technology that may have structurally any style or size, and is custom designed between the customer and the engineers. This is the most expensive option of garden office as it offers the maximum choice of designs, sizes and materials.


The office furniture is more than four walls, a roof and a floor. Good quality of building materials and plenty of insulation are vital to creating a healthy working environment and comfortable. Knowing the cost of your new office of wood in the garden is important. So think of your budget for care and maintenance is also relevant. Here is some basic information on how they are constructed the garden office with wooden houses garden.

CONSTRUCTION – axes can be used in solid type block house or wooden frame type .xlam. Both types can be insulated.

ROOF – The roof of the office furniture of wood you choose based on the location of the office (for example, if we are in areas with high Rain or snow better favor high double-pitched roofs) and the desired design (definitely the roof ” plan “allows a modern, minimalist aesthetic that often meets the client’s taste). Generally you want to insulate the roof with insulation material with high durability as polystyrene, stirodur, glass wool or STIFERITE. As a final element is recommended to cover a layer of black sheath with shingles. But you can also pettere classic tiles. Sometimes they are made ​​of “living roofs” with topsoil and grass, but these are expensive to maintain and heavy for the structure.

INSULATION – Insulation is the most important part of the cabin for office use. A well insulated building needs less heating and does not suffer from condensation. Choose the best insulation you can afford to save money in the long run. Stirodur, glass wool or STIFERITE are the recommended materials for durability, while the thicknesses used are a function of the positioning area of the house.

WINDOWS AND DOORS – Lots of large windows in a small building reduces the effectiveness of the insulation, even if the windows are double glazed. Double glazed windows and doors are available in a variety of quality; cheaper windows in wood, PVC, pressed wood or metal windows in front. French doors, open to the outside, can prevent water from entering into your building. The locking system of high quality on doors and windows are of vital importance.

OUTDOOR COATINGS – Depending on the type of building, block house or .xlam, may be recommended different exterior finishes. Tinting with impregnating high-quality, coated with exterior insulation (outer coat), outer cover with cedar and larch, etc. The quality of the wood depends on the part of the tree that has been cut and the thickness of the board. The age of the tree affects the quality and performance of wood. We recommend to use a coating that lasts over time without the need for care and maintenance. INTERNAL FINISH – The plastered walls provide office wooden garden a permanent finish and fire resistant. But that covers the beautiful and healthy wood finish, so alternatives are recommended tinteggi water.


  1. How many tricks you need in your building?
  2. How many points are needed lights?
  3. You have a choice in which are located the sockets and lights?
    These are all options to plan your new garden office wood.

FOUNDATIONS – There are three different types of bases for garden offices: 1) foundation dug into the ground, 2) concrete platform, 3) surface resting on the ground


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